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Colmaric Analyticals is one of the fastest-growing contract research organizations in the Southeast. We offer a full range of life science research services, including analytical testing, dietary supplement batch testing and quality consulting services, to help companies rapidly advance their products to the market.

With turnaround times faster than the industry standard, we enable our clients to reach their regulatory and market goals ahead of schedule while maintaining high-quality standards.

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Industries We Serve

Delivering High-Quality Results With Efficiency

Colmaric Analyticals maintains the highest standards in ingredient efficacy assessment, Kava testing and dietary supplement batch testing and analysis.

Dietary Supplements Industry

Our ISO/IEC-certified testing lab is equipped for:

  • Raw materials analysis
  • Assays, potency and purity
  • Finished products and formulations
  • Kava testing
  • Microbiology testing
  • Heavy metals testing
We provide food testing and analysis for a broad range of parameters, including the determination of contaminants, allergens and pathogens. All tests are conducted in our accredited food testing lab to ensure the quality, safety and integrity of your food products.

Food Industry

Our capabilities include:

  • Brix determination
  • Protein content identification
  • Heavy metals testing
  • Microbiology testing
Colmaric Analyticals assists pharmaceutical and biotech companies through all phases of drug development. Our expertise in HPLC testing ensures your research is conducted with precision, speed and adherence to regulatory guidelines.

Life Science and Pharmaceuticals Industry

Our specialized life science research services include:

  • Quality control testing
  • Raw materials analysis by USP compendial methods
  • HPLC testing
  • Other identification tests
We help cosmetic and personal care brands test raw materials and finished products for purity, quality consistency and stability.

Cosmetics Industry

Our cosmetics research solutions include:

  • Raw materials identification tests
  • HPLC testing
  • Identification testing
  • Other identification tests

How to Get Started

Let us help you achieve compliance with local, national and international regulations in 3 easy steps:


Discovery Call

Fill out the contact form with the necessary details. During the consultation, we will discuss your unique research goals, timelines and budget considerations.


Project Kickoff

Once we’ve aligned our services with your goals and timeline, we’ll begin the tests and analyses, ensuring your project progresses smoothly.


Results Delivery

After the tests are completed and validated, we will call you to discuss the results and send a copy of the analysis through email.

Why Partner With Colmaric Analyticals

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In-House Expertise

Our team of seasoned professionals brings years of experience to every project. Continuous training and development ensures our staff are always abreast of the latest methodologies and regulations.

Quick Turnaround

We intentionally design efficient workflows to collect, process, analyze and report data faster without sacrificing quality. This allows us to deliver projects quicker than industry benchmarks.

Fair Pricing

We offer cost-effective solutions without compromising the quality of our research services. Our consultative approach and transparent pricing build trust and set clear expectations from the very start.

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With decades of experience across the pharmaceuticals, food, supplements and cosmetics industries, Colmaric Analyticals delivers reliable data through every phase, from early-stage research to final product testing.

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